Doing Laundry in Cold Water with Tide Coldwater

Since we moved into our own apartment with our own washer/dryer four years ago, I’ve always used cold water to launder our clothes. Washing in cold water saves energy, maintains our clothes colors and prevents shrinking!

At a recent Momtrends event, Nicole Feliciano introduced an exclusive group of influencers to Tide Coldwater. Tide has a goal to convert 70% of all wash loads worldwide to cold by 2020. Won’t you help? You’ll be able to save money, too! By washing in cold water you can save money on your electric bill – sometimes up to 80% of energy in every load!

Getting cool with Brianne from Stroller in the City and Melisa from Project Nursery.

It is a myth that cold water doesn’t get your clothes clean. Like I said, I have used cold water to wash our clothes and every load comes out clean — even my and Michael’s gym clothes (stinky!)

Tide gave us other tips on how to save energy:

  1. Always look for an ENERGY STAR label to find the most energy-efficient appliances
  2. Use a fan vs. air conditioner – it uses less energy while on and even requires less energy to manufacture!

Here’s how you can save money: Save up to 40% on Tide laundry detergent at! Offer ends 09.30.2012.
When its hot out – what do you do to help save energy while staying cool?

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