Gayle King Interviews Lady Gaga on SiriusXM

One of the perks of being unemployed is being able to go anywhere, anytime.  Last week, my girlfriend and I planned a playdate for all of our girls.  At the last minute she texted me and told me that she won VIP tickets to a live taping of Gayle King interviewing Lady Gaga on SiriusXM.  Well, of course I wanted to go!  We got our caregivers to be with our four girls and we became Mommy’s Little Monsters for a couple of hours.  As part of the VIP package, we were able to get our picture with Gayle King and the Mommy Monster herself (picture to come soon, I hope!)

Here she comes…Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga on The Gayle King Show on Siriux XM wearing the wig she wore at the CFDA Awards the night before, a jacket, bra and 12″ platform boots!

Now, I didn’t go in to this taping as a fan of Lady Gaga; I know of her music but I don’t know her music.  After listening to her and Gayle speak, I have to say that she is a grounded person who has a ton of passion for what she does and she has a loving, supportive family at home.  What more is there?  I downloaded her new album, Born This Way, from iTunes on the spot.