How to Look Chic Wearing Sweatpants

So, there are just some times (well, ok, a lot of times) where I just want to be in sweatpants all day. Every day. Luckily, the sweatpants trend has continued and you too can look chic wearing sweatpants. This post contains affiliate links to help you shop easily. 

I found these sweatpants in Zara this past spring and I love that they have a slim fit and they don’t bag too much around the ankles. They unfortunately don’t have it anymore (they couldn’t keep them in stock!) but they have similar joggers available in-stores and online now.

Of course, I wear it with a pair of sneakers, but not just any old dirty sneaks, but a pair of Nike Lace Up High Top Wedge Sneakers – Women’s Dunk Sky Hi Essential. Gotta have some height to look trend-right wearing sweatpants.

The second thing is to NOT wear a ratty t-shirt. That will just make you look like a college student who rolled out of bed. Instead, I opted to wear LABEL+thread’s Contrast Shoulder Vee (I’m their social media gal). It’s an easy top that you can wear in warm weather because it’s light, airy and made of Pima Cotton. And it has these awesome contrasting mesh stitch at the shoulders to give it some pop.

To complete the outfit, I have an easy, slim handbag that’s not bulky. This one is from Joy Gryson (another favorite brand of mine — I’ve written about her styles here, here, here and here). The one I have is sold out, but I found this one, IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson Church Street Stud Envelope, which is a bit more rock & roll with studs – which can add more chic-ness to your sweatpants outfit.

Tell me: How are you looking chic wearing sweatpants?