My Dream Week: Seeing The Go-Go’s Twice LIVE On Tour in One Week!

Ever since I was in third grade, my favorite band has always been The Go-Go’s. My first album was Beauty and The Beat which I played endlessly on my Fisher Price record player.  I remember being 8 years old begging my mom if I could go to their concert. Obviously, she said, “No.”, but I was allowed to stay up and watch their concert when it finally aired on MTV (you know, when MTV actually played music).  I will never forget that night – lying on the pull-out couch watching my favorite band in the whole. wide. world.

In 2001, I no longer needed my mom’s permission to see them on tour when they played in Central Park.  I went with The Hubby, my sister-in-law, and The Hubby’s best friend who is also a big fan of The Go-Go’s.  It was a great show, and it was spectacular seeing them live and in person.

Ten years later, The Go-Go’s are back and on their “The Ladies Gone Wild!” Tour . This year, I was able to see them twice in one week.  Once on June 1, at the May Theater in Morristown, NJ and two nights later on June 3 at Irving Plaza in New York City.

The Go-Go’s at the May Theater in Morristown, NJ

The May Theater in Morristown, NJ is a great theater, but a bit too “theater-y” for a concert.  We were in the first row mezzanine so we had a perfect view, but all I wanted to do was just get up and dance.  I felt awkward in such a large space – especially when everyone around you was sitting down.  I did have great company:  I went with one of best friends from college and her husband, as well as The Hubby’s best friend (mentioned earlier).  Even though I didn’t get my dancing shoes on, I still had a blast.


The concert in Irving Plaza was definitely different.  Irving Plaza is a much smaller venue and there was standing room only, but it was exactly how a concert should be.  To quote Will McKinley, a NYC based writer who also went to the concert, “Standing up, dancing, getting sweaty, elbowing your way toward the stage – that’s the way concerts are supposed to be!”  Let me tell you, that’s exactly what went down June 3rd in Irving Plaza!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have “Me Time” and to be able to do things without your kids or partner.  That first week of June was a week with a lot of “Me Time” and I am extremely thankful for The Hubby who watched the girls those nights!!

Although The Go-Go’s are saying that this this years tour is their “Farewell” tour, I’m still holding out. They definitely have another decade left in them.  Maybe next time, my little girls will come along with me…maybe??


Triple Threat Mommy