Tween Loft Bedroom Remodel

So…you’ve seen the before pictures of our girls bedroom. It was a room of mish-mosh furniture, absolutely no storage for all of the girls’ books and toys and no place for two tweens to do their homework.

After over six weeks of construction in which we lived in friend’s apartments (thank goodness for friends who go on vacation!) and then living through four weeks of construction while the girls started school and where they slept in the living room. This past week, the last piece of hardware was installed and I am so excited to show you our:

Tween Loft Bedroom Remodel Reveal!

Kate Stewart, our interior designer, chic downtown mom and real estate agent guru designed the girls’ bedroom and through her, we partnered with Fahey Design Build who built all the woodwork and electrical. Kate’s design takes advantage of our 13′ ceilings while making sure that there was enough toy and book storage, play area, study area, and of course a (somewhat) private sleeping area.

Another one of our requests was that the room’s design must grow with our tweens into their teenage years, so the room couldn’t be too girly, because as you probably know, their tastes change so often. We ended up with a turquoise blue that popped off the white and grey walls.

Kate designed two loft beds that are joined together in an “L” shape above our door frame line. Under one loft bed, she designed a large storage closet which now holds toys, games and arts & crafts; the other loft is supported by two book cases and a play area underneath. As they grow older, I see the storage closet to be another area for clothes, shoes and accessories, and the play area to be a place to put a cool & modern futon for sleepovers and hanging around.

The sleeping area lofts “upstairs” allow the girls to have two separate and private sleeping areas; and they have a custom-made safety guard that allows light into their sleeping area.

The double-desk area runs along the length of one wall, and is accented by three floating book cases featuring the pop of blue against grey walls that is carried throughout the room.


The rest of our apartment pales in comparison to the girls’ loft bedroom so now, we need to buckle up and figure out how to get the rest of our living space as grown up as our tween’s loft bedroom!

{Don’t forget to check out the crazy BEFORE pics! Can’t believe their room actually looked like that!!}

For more design ideas and inspiration, explore  Kate Stewart Design and Fahey Design Build. Photography by Anastasia Vasilakis.