Unique Holiday Cards from Minted + $125 Minted Giveaway!

We say it every year and I’m going to say it again: Where did the year go?! I blinked and it was Halloween and we’re now three weeks before the start of the holiday season: Thanksgiving. Which means: it’s time to get the holiday cards started. The year went by so fast that I didn’t have a chance to get professional family photos taken. Well, thank goodness for Minted, a design marketplace that connects you to the best indie artists; and their designs can make any picture look gorgeous enough for a Christmas, Holiday or New Year’s card. Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post.

So back to the fact that I have NO professional photos available for my holiday cards. I went through all of my pictures and the only family picture I have of ALL of us is the family-selfie I took when we were at Disney World and went down Splash Mountain (minus the one of me in a bathing suit and that definitely doesn’t qualify). It’s a happy picture, but definitely not worthy of a holiday card.

Luckily, The Hubby caught two amazing photos of the girls this past winter, playing in the snow in my mom’s back yard. I also found a picture of the girls looking all sisterly during our Turks & Caicos vacation, so I decided to use those.

Because Minted has beautiful, unique holiday card designs and they make it so easy and intutive (more on that below) to design your holiday cards, I quickly found three designs that fit the pictures and because they came out so beautiful, I couldn’t make up mind…so….

Help me pick my Minted Holiday card (and enter for a chance to win a $125 Minted Giftcard!)

Option 1: Happy Holidays 

Option 2: Joy

Option 3: Be Merry 

I love how easy it is to choose and format your holiday card. Minted has many features to help you filter and design your card before you start customizing it, which makes the whole process easy and quick:

  • Format: flat, booklet or ornament
  • Printing type: flat or foil pressed (fancy!)
  • Greeting: Christmas, General Holiday or New Years
  • Card Shape: There are too many to list!
  • Photo Orientation: Landscape, portrait or square (so you can use your gorgeous Instagram photos!)
  • Paper Weight: Minted’s paper is gorgeous and luxurious for you paper lovers

And what’s new at Minted this year? The Minted Envelope:  you can save time and make a lasting impression with beautiful envelope designs and recipient addressing FREE  — for a limited time. They have GORGEOUS designs (see some below) that will make your envelopes look luxe and stand out from the rest of the pack.

Now it’s your turn! Enter for a chance to WIN in a $125 Minted Giftcard for your Holiday Cards! GOOD LUCK!

p.s. Check out how I used Minted’s amazing party decor packages for our daughter’s back-to-school party!