Obsessed and Well-Tressed: The Drybar


Sometimes you just have to get your hair taken care of, coiffed and DONE. Just like the ladies half a century ago, they’d go to their weekly hair appointment and get their hair done and set, and that’s it. Good until your next week’s appointment.

The Dry Bar New York City Flatiron with Alli Webb

The Dry Bar, Flatiron NYC

Well, The Drybar isn’t your grandmother’s hair salon. In fact, they don’t do cuts or color. Just blowouts. For only $40, you get to sit in a cool, swank setting where you relax with a glass of wine, listen to The Go-Go’s or Adele blasting on the radio, watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the flat screen while your hair gets blown out and styled. I’m telling you, it’s a recipe for the perfect night.

My Cosmo at The Dry Bar

Me and my Cosmo

The Drybar’s “menu” consists of 9 kinds of blowouts that you can choose from with fun names like “The Cosmo” (lots of loose curls),  “Manhattan” (sleek and smooth), or “Southern Comfort” (big hair, lots of volume). My favorite is the “Mai Tai” which is messy, beachy hair. Guess I’m yearning for summer. They even have a “Shirley Temple” for the little girls.

The Dry Bar TriBeCa

After a good washing comes the best part….the blowout.

The Dry Bar TriBeCa

Me and Grace Kelly. Perfect coiffed.

I do love going to the Drybar; it’s a special treat especially if you have a party to go to or an important work meeting. They even have appointments starting at 7:30am. When I first started going, I went to The Drybar three times in two weeks (shhhh, don’t tell The Hubby). Each blow-out costs $40 which is reasonable and they do a fabulous job — and it lasts for several days (I use their Dry Shampoo) but I do have to space out my sessions a little bit more. But what can I say? I’m obsessed, but at least I’m well-tressed.

Have you gone to The Drybar? Which style do you usually get?

The Drybar has 26 locations in Arizona, California, Georgia, New York, Texas, and Washington D.C, with more coming. Click here to find more information about The Dry Bar.

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