At-Home Spa Day with Panasonic #Snowvember + GIVEAWAY

Busy moms, busy parents. What to give them? The gift of “me-time”. A gift certificate to a spa is always nice but then it’s over and done with in a couple of hours. How about giving them the gift of  “me-time” that can keep on giving?  So, here’s the deal: a massage at a spa can come and go in an hour, or if you’re lucky two-hours; a facial is about 45-minutes and a wax is about 30 minutes. But this season, give your loved ones an at-home spa day with Panasonic products. 

Panasonic Handheld Massager:  So, my husband LOVED trying this one out. It’s a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want a massager?! At $39.95 this is a powerful hand-held massager that can get at any aching muscles. The rollers are great for neck and back muscles, or even aching calf muscles. There’s a point massager that can get any knot out — it’s great for the soles of your feet. I used it after running four miles this past weekend and used it all over my legs, feet and glutes. I appreciate that it can be plugged in so threre’s no need for batteries and it’s always ready to go. Truly the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Pansonic Facial Steamer. We just came back from a beach vacation in Curacao and I got a nice tan, but my face usually gets a bit rough and peels about a week after. In less than 90 seconds you’re ready for your facial. I steamed my face for six minutes and I felt immediately calm (no one interrupted me!) and when I looked at my face – it really looked smooth and clear — and this was before I took a shower! What this facial steamer has is that it pushes out ultra-fine nano-sized particle steam which is 4,000x finer than normal steam so that the steam gets into your pores and your skin feels  ultra-moisturized. At $179.99 it is on the top-end of many people’s gifting budget but again, you (or your gift recipient) can use it daily so the return on investment is really good.


Panasonic Epilator. I haven’t used an epilator since the 7th grade and I was willing to give the latest from Panasonic a try. This is a 4-in-1 (bikini, arms, underarms and legs) wet and dry epilator.  I’m not going to lie: it hurts, but so does waxing — and using the Panasonic epilator is much  faster. The feeling is like mini-rubber bands hitting your skin, but I have to say its not as painful as waxing and it really does get the hair out: I used it on my bikini line (dry), my underarms (wet) and my legs (wet) and not only does the hair come out, but my skin comes out really smooth. Personally, I think using it wet works better than dry, but you should try yourself. Bonus: there’s an  exfoliation head which can be used on rough patches like elbows, knees and your heels. Use the exfoliation head a few days before epilation to also help prevent ingrown hairs. I actually used the exfoliation head on my heels and they were super-smooth afterwards. For $129.99 it is on the top end of gift budgets, but remember, you’re getting four items in one!

What’s great is that all of the at-home spa day Panasonic products are compact enough to fit into a drawer, shelf or traveling. Even being in a NYC apartment, they don’t take up a lot of room. They are perfect gifts not just for the holiday but for any time you are celebrating your loved ones!

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Shop + Give by clicking on these links: Panasonic Handheld Massager, Panasonic Facial Steamer and Panasonic Epilator. I was given samples for this review. All opinions expressed are mine.