Bumbrella the Hip Slip

Do you have that one dress hanging in your closet that you just NEVER wear because its just too sheer but you can’t seem to bring yourself to wear a slip? (Last time I wore a slip, I think I was 7-years old and it was my First Communion.) I have that one dress. I bought this awesome dress over five years ago and wore it once for a work event. I was so self-conscious the whole evening because it was white, that I never wore it again. It was an expensive dress so it pains me to never wear it!

Enter Bumbrella, the “hip-slip”. It’s  a 2-in-1 panty slip that gives you stylish coverage without the compression (sometimes you just don’t want to be squashed like a sausage!). And the bonus: it doesn’t look like your grandmother’s slip!

Bumbrella comes in three colors: nude, black and “playful light blue” (which is PERFECT for you brides out there).

I tried out the nude color in my beloved white dress which I plan on wearing to a family wedding soon and it worked so well. I felt like I could do cartwheels (well, maybe not) in it. I felt like I was covered. Literally. But I could breathe and I could eat. No compression tightness here. It almost fit like a tennis skirt, and it was short enough for even the teeniest of dresses.

In terms of sizing, I am regularly a small and the small fit perfectly.

True test was wearing the Bumbrella under my white dress out in the daylight. As you can see from behind, you can’t see a thing!

From the front, you could slightly see the top of the Bumbrella under my dress, but that didn’t bother me at all. Much better seeing that than my thong underwear if I did not wear the Bumbrella!!

So the next time you reach for your sheer white dress,  there’s no need to be shy.

For more information and to purchase visit the Bumbrella website.

I was given a sample for review purposes. All opinions expressed are always my own.