TriBeCa Small Businesses Celebrate Small Business Saturday


A week from today, all of America will be rushing to the malls and department stores to purchase their holiday gifts. Instead of being a part of all of that craziness why not just take a short walk over to one of your small, local businesses to support American Express’ Small Business Saturday, taking place on November 24th, 2012 (that would be the day after Black Friday).

Lower Manhattan is no exception. Nineteen TriBeCa merchants banded together to create a Small Business Saturday partnership and cross-promoted each other on the below flyer which includes a map of all the participating merchants and a list of their promotions.

Small Business Saturday in TriBeCa

Small Business Saturday in TriBeCa

And did you know? There’s a Consumer Incentive: For the third year in a row, American Express is offering Cardmembers the opportunity to get a $25 statement credit when they enroll their eligible American Express® card and then use it to spend $25 or more in a single in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location on Small Business Saturday. The number of enrollments is limited. Enrollment opens at 12:00AM MST on November 18th and continues until 11:59PM MST on November 24th unless the enrollment limit is reached sooner.

Click here for more information about American Express’ Small Business Saturday and to enroll your American Express Card for Small Business Saturday.

{I was not compensated for this post in any way. All opinions expressed are always mine. I am a NYC downtowner and I want everyone to support Lower Manhattan!}


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