7 Things We Couldn’t Live Without During Hurricane Sandy

Last year, when Hurricane Irene was going to hit NYC, we got our emergency stash ready. We are so glad we got organized because as Hurricane Sandy took its toll on the tri-state area, Michael and I bought extra food, prepared our go-bags and double checked our emergency supply kit. Though we had a bunch of items in our supply kit, below are things that we REALLY used (and continued to use through yesterday evening, since we just got power Saturday, although we still have no heat and hot water.)


1. A Financial District Small Grocery Store that stayed open and didn’t over-charge its customers. I don’t want to name them because I don’t want them to get in trouble with the Police because they were supposed to shut down, but they stayed open, and though we couldn’t go inside their store, they took customer orders outside, and their associates went into the store to go get our order. And they didn’t over-charge us. Plus, they gave our girls lollipops. What a great neighborhood store. We will always go back.

2. Our LL Bean Hand Crank Radio. My in-laws gave this to us after 9/11 and thankfully, we never had a chance to use it until this week.  Ours has a flashlight and radio that works with a quick hand crank. This is a must-buy gift this holiday season for every loved one on your list.


3. Canned food. Even though we had gas and are able to cook on our stove top, our power was out for almost seven days, so our perishables, well, perished. Canned food had kept our tummies full during the past week.

4. Candles and candle stick holders. Remember those crystal Tiffany & Co. candle stick holders you got for your wedding shower? Well, get them out from storage and dust them off. You’ll be needing them in the next emergency. Keep candles in a plastic bag so that they don’t get wet. Keep matches nearby also in an air-tight plastic bag.

5. Dream Lights. Our girls have two of these “Pillow Pet Night Lights” and boy did they come in handy. As soon as it’s sun-down, we light the candles and the Dream Lights turn on. Not only are they great for putting kids to sleep, but they also added a bit of light to our very dark apartment last week. Below is a picture I took of Dream Lights in use when our power was out.


6 and 7. Family and Friends. Last, but not least it’s our family who we went to after we realized that we couldn’t hunker down and stay in our apartment without power, heat and hot water. Michael’s mom and sister gave us a warm bed, yummy meals and great company (never-ending games of Scrabble!) for the three days we were with them. Our friends continue to call and let us know that we can always go to their homes for a warm shower and a respite from our cold apartment.


1. Price Gouging. The Y’Organics Store on Greenwich Street in TriBeCa carried several loaves of the Whole Foods brand Multi Seed bread and guess what they were charging? $10 DOLLARS! The guy said, “I have to do it.”  We left, and in our heads, we’re thinking “No, you don’t ‘Have to do it’. And you’re not a good neighbor, and we will remember this and will make sure to never shop in your store ever again.”