achoo by Kleenex Cold and Flu Predictor

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Fall is such a great time of the year. It’s time for apple picking, pumpkin decorating and prepping for Halloween. For a mom, it also means that inevitably, someone in the family is going to get a cold, or worse, the flu. You never know when it’s going to hit, until it is too late. You notice that a couple of kids have some runny noses, or you see a few kids out of school. Then BAM! it hits your family and you’ve got one kid with a runny nose, the other kid complaining he’s not feeling so well, and oh, by the way, you’ve started to feel achy, too.

Now, there’s a new way to predict when the cold and flu season will hit your area with achoo by Kleenex cold and flu predictor – the first and only tool that can actually predict when cold and flu will reach their area. How does it work? achoo by Kleenex uses data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and a proprietary forecasting model developed by a professors, top business leaders, and highly trained analysts. The result is a one-of-a-kind, three-week cold and flu forecast.

I checked it out and put in my zip-code and achoo by Kleenex informed me that as of today, there are low incidences of the cold and flu; but in 21 days, the chances of the cold and flu to hit our area increases to moderate.

So what am I going to do? I am definitely prepping and stocking up on cold and flu necessities like Kleenex tissues, hand sanitizer and making sure that my girls wash their hands all the time so that those germs don’t get near them! I also make sure that our hand and bath towels are cleaned weekly in hot water, and the kitchen and bathroom counters are always wiped clean (so hard when you are a busy, working mom, but you have to make the time!).

Here’s a funny video in which Ali Wentworth asked people if they ever had an embarrassing moment when they didn’t have Kleenex. 

Ugh. Gross. I have to say, when I am without a Kleenex myself, I do resort to using my sleeve. And if my girls need a little cleaning up after a sneeze or cough, I absolutely resort to using my clothes.

Do you have an embarrassing moment? Please do share – no shame here! And, definitely  go ahead and check out achoo by Kleenex and see when the cold and flu season will hit your area. How will you prepare?