Arbonne RE9 Advanced Moisture Set Review and Interview with an Arbonne Consultant

I love beauty products — especially those that promote healthy skin care. My friend, college buddy and sorority Little Sister — yes, I was in a sorority! — Minal, introduced me to Arbonne products when she became an independent consultant several years ago. Along with being a consultant, she is an occupational therapist and a mom of two very active boys.

I actually tried the Arbonne products several years ago when Minal had started and it felt too heavy on my skin, however, this past spring, Minal was very excited for me to try the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Moisture Set (below), which she graciously gave me to sample for this review. The Arbonne RE9 Advanced system contains 9 age-defying elements including Vitamin C and algae that helps in the age defying process and accelerates results twice as fast.

I gave myself an Arbonne Seven Day Challenge in which I switched out my normal skin cleansers and lotions for one week and used the Arbonne RE9 set instead.

And I was really impressed. The products felt really good and light on my skin. Afterwards, my face felt clean and refreshing, and I really did feel that my face was getting smoother and tighter. I used each of the products twice a day, in the order prescribed:  Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Regenerating Toner, Corrective Eye Crème, Intensive Renewal Serum, Restorative Day Crème with SPF 20 (day) and the Night Repair Crème (night). It sounds like a lot, and it seemed like a lot to me at first, but they are all products that we should be using on our faces anyway and it actually took less than 5 minutes for the whole process, so don’t worry.

I was intrigued by Arbonne business model, and more importantly how it helps moms who want to be a working mom who aren’t looking for a traditional 9-5 at the office career, but want the flexibility that working as an independent consultant provides. So I asked Minal some questions on how she started out at Arbonne and how it works into her life.


Why did you become involved with Arbonne? I became involved with Arbonne because I was looking for a way to diversify my income by creating residual income. My [occupational]therapy consulting company was vulnerable to the recession and I wanted to create a Plan B. I was looking for an opportunity to create financial security for my family that did not always have to include me being the one working, basically I was  looking for an opportunity that would pay me if I was working with patients, playing with the kids, on vacation, or sleeping!  We looked at franchises, day cares, and other ventures, but they all would require me leaving my current businesses and hefty start up costs. Neither of those scenarios worked for me. I knew there was something out there that could give me all: financial success, low start up costs, the ability to help others, and the time to enjoy the success! Arbonne was the perfect fit. The model of network marketing is absolutely genius and is predicted to be the #1 way people will be doing business in this generation by leading economists.

How did you become involved with the brand? I was introduced to Arbonne by my friend, Sunny. We were at a barbeque and her skin was glowing! Sunny informed me it was Arbonne that was giving her the amazing glow! I had never heard of it, but was certainly looking for great skin care. I went to her business launch, tried the products, and heard about the business opportunity and knew this would be the vehicle that would give me what I was looking for! I signed on and got my product samples and I started my business!

How is it balancing Arbonne, being an occupational therapist, a mom and wife? As moms we are all used to the juggling act! I am no different than anyone else in this business as most of us are building incredible businesses while working a full time job.  I am so fortunate to have a very supportive husband who believes 150% in what I am creating for our family, so I have a lot of help from him. Fortunately, Arbonne is a business that I can schedule around my family and my occupational therapy business. I weave my business calls in-between clients, while I am running errands, and waiting for my kids at their activities. I am able to squeeze every drop out of my day when the kids are in school, so I can be Mummy when they get home from school!

How does Arbonne support flexibility as a mom? Arbonne is all about flexibility and motherhood! Our founder Peter Morck created this company to help WOMEN become millionaires- because he knew women will pay it forward! I love that! Many people who join Arbonne are looking to be able to create a lifestyle that will allow them to be more present in their children’s lives, without having to sacrifice the empowerment that comes from professional success, both emotionally and financially.

And how does Arbonne do that? It is not uncommon to see babies and young children at business meetings. I can do business anywhere, I have had “business playdates” at my home, in the park, on the soccer field. I can put my children first and schedule my business around my family! So many of our meetings or training calls happen in the later evening hours to accommodate for children’s schedules and work schedules. Arbonne provides incredible training at your fingertips that is available 24 hours a day.  It is incredibly empowering to be trained by women that have built multi-million dollar businesses while juggling a career and a family.

One thing, the Arbonne RE9 products are more expensive than the products I normally would purchase ($35 – $50 each), but if you buy skincare products in that price range, I would highly suggest looking into getting the set through a consultant like Minal.

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