Barre3 West Village Opens in New York City

A lot of you know that I’ve been a HUGE barre3 fan for the past year. I’ve been an online member since last October and have faithfully done their online workouts in the comfort of my own home. But now…I am so excited to say, barre3 has opened up its newest flagship: barre3 West Village in my town, New York City!


I was invited to barre3 West Village’s media week right before launch and met (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Sadie Lincoln (That’s me and barre3 founder, Sadie Lincoln, above!), the founder and owner of barre3. She flew in from Portland, Oregon where she had opened the first barre3 studio in 2008. Now, they have 72 studios across the country and have conquered New York City! Why do I love barre3? I love that it combines my three fitness loves into one workout:  it’s a combination of ballet barre work, yoga and Pilates that always makes me feel long and lean.

Every barre3 workout burns fat, builds lean muscle and fuels weight loss with a signature Three-Step Formula that includes isometric holds (these are burners!), small 1-­inch variations and functional, cardio-­inspired movements. There are also modifications that every teacher talks to so you have a choice of how you are working out depending on how your body feels. It also helps that the barre3 West Village team headed up by Lauren and Meegan are so super nice and welcoming.

The barre3 West Village studio is located at 63 West 8th Street and 6th Avenue. It’s on the second floor in a beautiful, light-filled, 1500 square foot studio. It overlooks bustling 6th Avenue with views of Jefferson Market Gardens.



That’s Meegan Gregg, master trainer at barre3, at the reception desk, ready to check you in. 

The light-filled studio is a beautiful, well-designed space with with cork floors, pale woods, and white walls.

All the equipment you need is already at the studio and ready-to-use: the barre3 core ball, light hand weights, straps, mats and towels.


Complimentary lockers are available for all members and there are two dressing rooms available for your use before and after your workout.


And what I truly appreciate is that each dressing room has a blow dryer, dry shampoo, deodorant, facial and body wipes, cotton balls, and q-tips. After my workout with Sadie Lincoln (!), I was able to freshen up and head right out to work.

Of course a barre3 boutique is also nearby in case you forget any workout apparel (I already have a barre3 tank, glass water bottle, and plastic water bottle [perfect for commuting]).


Two tools that I use almost daily:  my barre3 core ball and light handweights. 

Barre3 West Village Opening Details:

To celebrate the opening, the barre3 West Village studio will offer free classes during the first week of business, August 24th – 31st. Also, for a limited time, specially priced lifetime memberships will be available. Ongoing, barre3 West Village will make their whole-health lifestyle easily accessible to all with a robust class schedule (classes will run 6 a.m. through 7:15 p.m., Mondays through Fridays and mornings and afternoons Saturdays and Sundays.)

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