Best Kids Summer Shoes: Keen and Salt-water Sandals

Here are my three favorite shoes — I updated this post to include Birkenstocks — which have become summer favorites for my kids.

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A few  years ago, I was introduced to Keen and Salt-Water® Sandals by friends. I noticed that their girl’s shoes looked comfortable and wearable, especially in the New York City summer heat. When I find a good thing, I stick with it. This is my third summer in a row that we have bought Keen and Salt-Water® Sandals for the girls (besides flip-flops). The shoes are perfect for any summer lifestyle.

So why do we continue to buy them? We live in New York City and the girls walk everywhere: the girls go to camp, they get wet; they go into the sandbox, they get wet; they run around, they get wet; they go to the beach, they get wet. See a pattern?  Summers in New York City are brutal, so every chance we get, we go to a water park, beach or pool so we need shoes that are amphibian-like and can go from the subway to saltwater — and still look good in-between.


Why I Love Them:

  1. I love the design: There’s a big front toe bumper so little toes don’t get bruised while running around.
  2. I also love that they don’t have to wear socks when wearing Keen sandals. That way their feet don’t sweat all day.
  3. The materials used are quick drying, which means the girls can comfortably wear them in and out of water, at the pool, beach or water park.
  4. Their product description made me love Keen sandals even more. The breathable fabric is “a treated Hydrophobic mesh lining with Aegis Microbe Shield which controls thebacteria and fungi that causes odors, stains and product deterioration” – and what’s even better? The Aegis technology is free of environmentally harmful substances.
  5. It’s $50.00 – great price-value for a sturdy, well-made summer shoe.
  6. The BEST reason I love Keen sandals? They are machine washable. Just air-dry them out. How awesome is that?!? No stinky summer shoes — ever.

Why My Girls Love Them: 

  1. They are comfortable. Done.

Hoy Shoe Salt-Water Sandals (Baby, Walker, Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)


Why I Love Them:

  1. They are super comfortable, classic-looking sandals that are designed to be worn in and out of the water which means the leather is water-friendly and the brass buckles won’t rust.
  2. The girls can look dressed up, and yet still run around in them because the bottom is made out of vulcanized rubber.
  3. They last. I didn’t have to buy a new pair for O this year, because miraculously, she was able to fit into last year’s pair. I also know of friend’s older daughter who has passed along their Salt-Water® Sandals to their younger sisters because they just last
  4. They’re only $38.00.

Why My Girls Love Them: 

  1. They are girly. Done.
  2. They can still run around in them and get wet. Done.


Why I Love Them:

  1. Foot support is the best in class. I just learned that my tween needs orthotics and Birkenstocks just helps
  2. The new styles can be dressed up or dressed down. They can be worn with shorts or with a summery dress
  3. They last for a long time (except for the fact that my kids’ feet grow too fast!), so you get your money’s worth. I can usually get my girls to wear a pair for two summers. (My last pair of Birkenstocks lasted SIX years!!)

Why My Girls Love Them:

  1. They’re super comfortable and don’t get their feet sweaty. DONE. 


This post contains affiliate links, other than that, we truly love Keen’s, Salt-water® Sandals and Birkenstocks!!!