Best Tween Present: HP Stream Family Devices

Our oldest daughter is in middle school and it was only a matter of time for when she truly “needed” her own computer. Well, that time has come and gone. About a month ago, I was on my laptop working on (what else?) a blog post that was due; my husband was on our desktop doing his football draft (or whatever it’s called), and our 6th-grader said, “I need a computer to do my science homework!!”

My husband and I looked at each other and since I was doing work and he was doing his football draft, he was relegated to his tablet. I kept on thinking, “If she needs a computer now in 6th grade, I can’t even imagine with 7th and 8th grade will bring.” But the thought of spending thousands of dollars on a laptop computer for our middle-schooler just did not compute in my mind. Thankfully, I attended the KidzVuz holiday party. Thank you to KidzVuz and HP for sponsoring this post! This post contains affiliate links. 


And I saw these amazing laptops from Hewlett-Packard which are part of the HP Stream family of devices. They featured two laptops, the HP Stream 11 and the HP Stream 13. The difference between the two is the price:  the HP Stream 11 is $199.00 and the HP Stream 13 is $229.00 because it has 4G. They both come with 1TB (that would be a terabyte) of OneDrive cloud storage and Office 365 Personal free for a year. (Note, you’ll have to pay $69.99 a year or $6.99 a month after the first year, if you want to continue.)

They come in the Horizon Blue (shown) or the Orchid Magenta (fuschia color). For a first laptop, the HP Stream 11 or 13 is a great option for your tween if you are thinking of getting a laptop for them for the holidays.


What I love about it: 

  • The price. You can’t beat the $199 or $229 price tag
  • For what a middle-schooler / tween / teen needs, it is just right. Our daughter can use WiFi when she’s in our apartment so she is able to get onto her school’s websites and work on any papers
  • It’s light and compact, perfect for a young student, and yet…
  • It seems sturdy and could take stand up to the normal day-to-day beating of a tween
  • Our 6th grader liked the feel of the keyboards (which aren’t back-lit, by the way, but hopefully they aren’t doing papers at midnight— yet).


HP also has two tablets as part of the HP Stream family:  the 7 which is $99.99 and the 8, which just came out this November for $129. It has 1 Terabyte of storage, comes with Windows Office 365 for a full year.

I am really impressed with what HP has offered. Before the KidzVuz Holiday event, I was not even aware of these HP products, and now (shhhh….) we are seriously, I mean seriously buying one of the stream laptops for our 6th grader. So she can do her homework!

Will you be shopping for a laptop this holiday season? What do you think of the HP Stream family?

SHOP the HP Stream 11 and the HP Stream 13 and the HP Stream 7 tablet on You can explore more of the HP products on their website.

This is a sponsored post. Thank you to HP and KidzVuz! This post also contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed are mine.