Bronx Zoo Birdathon and Bird Migration Month

Our second grader has been studying anything and everything about birds for the past several weeks. It is a yearly study that all second graders do at our girls’ elementary school. So, for the past several weeks she and the rest of her class have been going birding in downtown Manhattan’s parks and Central Park.

Lucky for her and YOU, The Bronx Zoo is celebrating the Second Annual Bronx Zoo Birdathon and Bird Migration Month kicking off on Saturday, May 9 and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and learning.

I took this picture of a Red Wing Blackbird during a class trip with my 2nd grader and her class | Shot on an iPhone 5 | Triple Threat Mommy

You’ll be able to join professional birders on nature walks to identify neotropical migrants (for those not in the know, neotropical migrants are birds who migrate long distances from wintering grounds to breeding grounds) in the sky and learn how zookeepers work to protect birds worldwide. You’ll even have a chance to interact with the birds from the zoo’s exhibits. Also, try and identify as many birds as you can for the opportunity to win special binoculars and other prizes.

Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher

What: Bronx Zoo Birdathon

When: Saturday, May 9, starts at 7:00AM and goes all day

Where: Bronx River gate at Bronx Zoo

Buy tickets:

In addition to the special Birdathon event, Bronx Zoo is celebrating Bird Migration Month on weekends from May 9th – May 24th. Red-shouldered hawks, rose-breasted cockatoos, Amazon parrots, and more will soar overhead on the historic Astor Court during the Birds in Flight show. After the show, you’ll have a chance to meet the fearless flyers face-to-face and learn more about their training, habits, and personalities. Take some time to chat with Zookeepers at the World of Birds exhibit then head over to the Dancing Crane Plaza to make a birdfeeder to help keep track of wildlife from your own backyard.

Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher

Bird Migration Month also offers a chance to capture photos for #NYisWild to help complete the first prize level which is a chance to win a trip for two to beautiful Belize!

To learn more and participate, visit and keep an eye out for these ways to be wild:

#29: Bee eater

#32: Owl

#35: Condor

#39: Flamingo

#42: Penguins

#45: Inca Tern

#48: Blue Turaco

For more information and details for Bird Migration month, click on this link: We hope to see you there!

I am a WCS Zoo Crew Ambassador and received a complimentary family premium membership and exclusive opportunities for my participation.