Cheerios Protein Keeps My Family Going

Being a New York City family means we are an active family. The girls are always moving if they aren’t in school:  they go to swim class, dance class, gymnastics, art class and instrumental lessons.  Since we don’t have a backyard of our own, we take advantage of what the city has to offer and make the city our backyard by going on bike rides along the river, going on walks, and hitting every playground in the neighborhood.

During the lazy, hazy days summer, one thing they aren’t is: lazy. They go to an all-day dance camp learning jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and tap. For the latter half of the summer, they go to a more traditional camp where they swim twice a day, play soccer, basketball, arts & crafts, softball and all the other camp activities that I get tired myself from writing it! And, too make sure that they don’t fall down the “summer slide”, we make sure that they continue reading and doing their math homework.

So there has to be something that keeps them going…and going…and going…and going. As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And making sure that they get their key nutrients and protein is very important to a busy parent like me. Something quick, easy and something they love is always welcome because we are always in such a rush in the morning and there’s no time for negotiating.

Enter…Cheerios Protein! A cereal with a name that you trust, with all this good stuff:

11 grams of Protein with milk

Good Source of Fiber

100% Whole Grain

Can help lower cholesterol

14 vitamins and minerals

I love that my girls, when they first tasted Cheerios Protein said, “This is GOOD!” (emphasis on the “good”.)  What I love, as a parent, is that Cheerios is a trusted name. Cheerios was their first “snack” (which kid didn’t have Cheerios as their first finger-food?!), and I appreciate that Cheerios has “grown-up” with them and is able to provide them with the energy that they need to keep going.

The girls partying it up at Katy Perry’s Prizmatic Concert — at 11:30 at night. It was a long night…but they kept going!

…even when it’s staying up until midnight at the Katy Perry Prismatic Concert ????

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