Click and Improve for Hassle-Free Home Improvement {+15% OFF Your Job!}

There’s been a lot of improvements going on in the Triple Threat Mommy household:  first, I’ve launched a new blog design earlier in the year (what do you think??); I’ve gotten into a great beauty routine to try to keep those dreaded wrinkles at bay; and the biggest thing that we did was have a few face lifts in the apartment.

We’ve had a list of things that had to get done in our apartment for about…oh…let’s just say…three years:


Before: our disgusting “backsplash”. No matter what cleaner I tried, the oil would not come off!

1. Replace the sink in the girl’s bathroom. The marble was porous and started to stain.
2. Replace our kitchen backsplash. The glass absorbed every bit of oil which would never come off.
3. Open up a 3’ wall to create a washer/dryer/pantry closet.
4. Re-tile the master bathroom’s shower floor because the it wasn’t pitched correctly and therefore wasn’t properly draining.


Before:  The laundry closet door was only big enough for the washer/dryer. Luckily, there was about 3′x2′ of space to the left of usable space , so we needed to knock out 3 feet of wall to open it up.

We would have gotten to the above earlier, but the thing is, finding a contractor to do the work is a daunting task. Don’t you think?

When I asked people for reliable contractors, I got names and numbers, and then asked for quotes. It took time to research each company, call them, set up an appointment and tell each of them exactly what I wanted to get done.  After each appointment I always asked myself, “Did I really trust them? Are they going to rip me off? Who will be on my side during this (or)deal?”

When I was in the midst of getting quotes from three contractors, Click and Improve had contacted me about their services. If you don’t know about Click and Improve, they are a one-stop-shop website where you input your construction wishes on their website and they send you a handful of contractors and quotes – without you having to do any research. Based on the quotes they give you, you can interview all or some of the licensed contractors, then you sign the contract! I had them give me a quote, and no joke, their quote came in 50% to 75% LESS than the other quotes. Obviously, I used them.


During construction: it was mayhem. But only for four days!

Five Reasons Why We Love Click and Improve:

1. Their cost: Like I said, their quote was by far the lowest quote. That is because their services have pre-priced costs. Your cost is not based on your address, your building, the kind of furniture you have in your apartment, or the size of your wedding ring on your finger.

2. They are on your side. You can trust them: I liked that I had someone on my side holding my hand through the entire process. They were the mediator between me and the construction company.  In fact, they initially signed me up with one contractor, but they felt that he wasn’t being responsive in a timely manner, so they assigned me to another one who got our job done in less than three weeks – from first meeting to final completion.

3. They Handle the paperwork: My condo requires crazy paperwork and insurance, Click and Improve handled all the communication to our management company as well as provide all the copies of the paperwork. All I had to do was sign on the dotted lines.

4. You know they’re not ripping you off. Another thing that I always thought when I met with contractors was, “Are they ripping me off?” The other contractors I got quotes from told me I had to rip out my entire sink and cabinet and that I couldn’t just take out the sink and marble. Another said that they would have to completely demo the entire shower stall to have the right pitch and possibly replace pipes!

What did my Click and Improve contractor say to that? “Baloney.” I only had to replace the top sink and marble, and they only took out the shower floor tiles and re-pitched, saving me thousands of dollars.

5. They are Trustworthy:  Construction doesn’t come without some minor accidents. As the guys were taking out my kitchen backsplash, they had accidentally cracked the glass top of my stove. Once I told this to Click and Improve, they were on it right away, calling General Electric for a replacement which got shipped and installed within two weeks after my job was done. Also, Click and Improve doesn’t release payment to the contractor for 7 days after completion of the job if you aren’t satisfied.


Slightly after:  new kitchen backsplash, an open soon-to-be pantry and laundry closet, and shower floor that actually drains (sorry, no pic of the sink, but it’s gorgeous!)

I would, hands-down, use Click and Improve’s services again. I have already recommended them to several friends who are in the midst of doing construction in their home. They did a fantastic job, on-time and on-budget. What else can you ask for?

For more information and a quote, visit: Click and Improve’s website.

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