Discovering Treasure at Discovery Times Square {Tickets Giveaway!}

What kid (or adult) isn’t interested in finding buried treasure? Earlier this month, I was invited to discover the Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc and Discovery Times Square launch of SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure, an interactive exhibit that contains more than 500 artifacts from sunken ships from all over the world!!

There are many hands-on interactive computer games and exhibits that will entertain (and teach!) any child. And lots of historical artifacts that you will be amazed has lasted for centuries and centuries.


Experiencing winds up to 78-79 MPH in the Hurricane Simulator atDiscovery Times Square SHIPWRECK!


Don’t these look like something you’d find in Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel?? I want them!


Beautiful rate bottles. Makes you think what all the sea glass you found as a little kid used to be…

You’ll see full dish collections (more intact than mine from my wedding!), rare bottles, porcelain figurines and a 300-year old carpenter’s folding ruler. You’ll be amazed how every day items were able to survey hundreds of years under water!

Cons: The Discovery Times Square Shipwreck! exhibit is definitely for the older set of kids; I’d say 7 and up will definitely grasp it, while 5+ will enjoy the hands-on activities, but the historic part won’t stick. My 10-year old, who studied why and how Europeans came to America and understood the historical context and what life was like in Europe and in the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries. My 5-year old loved the the interactive games and exhibits, but some of the learnings were definitely over her head.

Pros: The exhibit has a lot of hands-on activities and games that both YOU and your child(ren) will enjoy. We especially loved the Hurricane simulator. It was scary at first, but O couldn’t stay out of it! There are lots of rooms to explore and meander so no one will get bored.

Tips:  Discovery Times Square is in the heart of, you guessed it: Times Square, so it’s busy. If you have more than one child with you, I suggest bringing your spouse or another adult. Because of the many rooms, kids will move at different paces and it’s best to have more than one adult watching the kids. The exhibit lets out into the gift shop (of course), so prepare your child(ren) by giving them a budget that they must stick to, or just say, “No” and stick to that.  Also, Georgetown Cupcakes is directly outside of the gift shop (of course) so you may have to also pay a few dollars for some yummy cupcakes!


I’ve got Three (3) Family Packs (Four Tickets Each) to GIVEAWAY for the Discovery Times Square SHIPWRECK!

(p.s. Adult tickets = $19.50 and Kids Tickets = $14.50!)

Mandatory Entry: Answer this question by leaving a comment below: if you could find any treasure what would it be? Three winners will be chosen.

Contest begins at 7:00am EST on Wednesday, 7/31/13 and ends Friday, 8/2/13 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner must be 18 years and over and must be a resident of the continental United States. 

For more information, visit Discovery Times Square SHIPWRECK!