Duane Reade Launches its Happy and Healthy Magazine #DRHappyandHealthy

Whenever I do some shopping, I am the person who picks up a store’s circular so that I know what the deals are.  I am a big Duane Reade shopper since there is one on just about every corner in New York City and I love that they are not just a pharmacy, but a one-stop-shopping destination. Duane Reade has officially launched its Happy and Healthy in-store magazine which highlights its promotional items, new brands and lifestyle ideas.

For example, they had a column from Dr. Oz discussing Holiday Travel Tips. He gave ideas on how to carry your medication on trips and how to get over jet lag. Paula Deen is also highlighted in this month’s magazine and she gave diabetes-friendly cooking tips. Happy and Healthy gave great ideas on this holiday’s stocking stuffers like a Case Logic iPhone case, Good & Delish Mint Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels (yum!), giftcards, beauty products, and Good & Delish coffees and teas.


I truly enjoy wandering around Duane Reade’s aisles. One time, I had about 20 minutes until I had to be at an appointment and I happily spent my free time going up and down the aisles looking at all the product. I can easily get lost looking at all of the things that I didn’t know I needed! I love that they always have an affordable seasonal product aisle as well as rows and rows of beauty and skin care products. I imagine trying on all the lotions and serums that will magically erase all of my wrinkles!



Now that it’s winter, I have officially changed my morning drink from coffee to tea. Don’t get me wrong, I do still drink coffee, but there is something about the fall and winter air that makes me crave tea. My favorite is Chai Tea and I drink it using this yummy recipe below which is perfect for the winter. Duane Reade has its own brand called Good & Delish Teas and in my store there were seven flavors, all for $2.99 for a package of 20 tea bags.


So, here’s my quick recipe:  Take a cup of high-quality apple cider and microwave it in a microwaveable mug for 1 1/2 – 2 minutes. Take one bag of Duane Reade’s Good & Delish Rooibos Chai Tea and let it steep in the apple cider depending on how strong you want it. You’ve got a perfect cup of apple cider chai tea that cost about 40 cents per serving instead of a $4.00 per serving cup at your local coffee or tea house.

In the end, I bought some healthy snacks to last me and the girls through the week:  a bag of BBQ flavored Pop Chips, a pack of Good & Delish Cranberry Crunch Trail Mix, and a box of Good & Delish Rooibos Chai tea (for me). Of course, I used my Balance Rewards card and was able to save 50 cents!


Are you a Duane Reade Shopper? What do you usually buy there?