Family Dinner and Movie Night with Kidfresh Meals and Disney’s Frozen

It’s TODAY!!! Today is the day that Disney’s Frozen Blu-ray ™ Combo Pack is released — so you can watch Frozen all day long! And what is exciting is that Kidfresh, the all-natural healthy frozen kids meal brand (that has hidden veggies in it!), has collaborated with Disney to help promote Frozen’s release!

If you don’t know already, I am Kidfresh’s Chief Kidfresh Mom which means that I do a little bit of everything from social media, to market research to marketing; but it also means that I get to bring home some of their most favorite meals like Kidfresh’s Super Duper Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti Loops + Meat Sauce and their Muy Cheesy Quesadillas.

A few weeks ago, my kids were over the moon when they received a package from Kidfresh. But this time, it also contained a pre-released copy of Disney’s Frozen Blu-ray™ Combo Pack. And they were even more excited when I told them that they were allowed to eat their Kidfresh meals at dinner while watching Frozen (something that they rarely get to do). It’s a Kidfresh Night!

Since we got the Kidfresh + Disney package, we’ve watched Frozen literally 10 times!

I mainly do my grocery shopping at Whole Foods here in New York City, only because I know that they have vetted all the brands in the store. Luckily, Kidfresh is sold there and I can pick up meals for them at any time. When I have no time but need to give the girls something to eat, I reach for Kidfresh because I trust the brand. I don’t trust too many frozen meals because they can have a ton of unhealthy ingredients in them. Kidfresh meals are always all-natural, with no artificial ingredients and have up to 1/2 cup of vegetables in every meal. Basically, I feel good (and not guilty) about giving my girls Kidfresh meals when I simply don’t have the time. I know that they are going to get a well-rounded nutritious meal. I usually give them some carrot chips and cucumber slices as a side.

For my 5th grader, she loves to have Kidfresh’s Spaghetti Loops and Meat Sauce packed up in her Thermos so that the can have a warm and yummy lunch. And for me, I know she is getting a healthy, nutrition-packed meal at school! The Thermos always comes back empty.

But wait! I’m not the only lucky one! You can get in on the Kidfresh + Disney Frozen action, too!

Did you know that March is Frozen Food Month? And, just in time for it, Kidfresh and Disney have collaborated to promote the release of the Frozen Blu-ray™ Combo Pack in leading retailers nationwide beginning today, March 18, 2014.

You will be able to save up to $6.00 during this exclusive promotion. Through the purchase of any two Kidfresh meals and the Frozen Blu-ray Combo Pack, parents can save $5.00 by mail-in rebate. In addition, an extra $1.00 off coupon for any two Kidfresh meals will be available right in the frozen food aisle where Kidfresh is sold in over 2,200 participating retailers, including Stop & Shop, Giant, Kroger, HEB, ShopRite, A&P, Pathmark, and Harris Teeter.

Want to save more? You can save $1 OFF any 2 Kidfresh meals simply by “Liking” Kidfresh’s Facebook page, then click on the $1 OFF coupon up top.

Want something fun for the kids? Kidfresh has fun Disney Frozen Printable Activity Sheets for the kiddos on their website!

Enjoy and LET IT GO!!!!

Visit the Kidfresh website for more information. And read this to join in on Kidfresh’s #FrozenKidfresh Twitter party on Wednesday, March 19th at 8:30pm ET.