Financial District NYC Restaurant Review: The Bailey Pub & Brasserie

We heard about a new restaurant that just opened up in the neighborhood, The Bailey Pub & Brasserie on 52 William (corner of Pine).  We read about their $7 kid menu – which comes with complimentary ice cream – and we just had to try it for one of our weekly Friday Family Dinners.  Our usuals consist of Harry’s Italian, Cowgirl Seahorse or Barbarini Alimentari down in the North Seaport area, so we have been dying to try something new; so this past Friday, we decided to make The Bailey Pub & Brasserie our Friday night destination.

The Good:

  • The $7 kids menu is fantastic.  They offer pasta & meatballs, grilled cheese, sausage & chips, pigs in a blanket, pasta with red sauce or butter, kid’s (cheese)burger and of course chicken fingers.  All meals come with a complimentary ice cream which is a plus and the $7 price tag is easy on the wallet.
  • They offered plastic cups for the girls (instead of glass).  This gesture always me feel like management is paying attention to their family customers.
  • The waitress was attentive and the hostess came back at the end of the meal to see how we were doing.

The Bad:

Going on a Friday night at 6:00 just reminded me that we still are in the Financial District, where there are young, single people who actually work down here and are probably going to be having a cocktail or three at just that hour, especially at a place that has the word “pub” in it (read: not so family-friendly on a Friday night).  So, getting through the bar to my seated family was like salmon swimming upstream.  Later, I learned that the kind hostess showed The Hubby and The Girls a “back entrance” which is to go through the lobby of Club Quarters to get to the restaurant tables which are located way past the bar.  I didn’t know this, so it took me a good 2 minutes to get through the happy hour crowd to get to my family.

The Verdict:

Despite the loud, single scene on a Friday night, this Triple Threat Mommy would definitely recommend The Bailey Pub & Brasserie, but would highly suggest going to dinner at 5:30 on a Saturday to beat the Happy Hour Crowd (note: we haven’t tried this yet, but we are pretty sure this date and time will be much more conducive to a family meal). Another thing, The Bailey does offer breakfast – starting at 7am on the weekends, so that will be a definite thing to do in the weekends coming up!