First Day of School Outfits from Chaps on

Although New York City Schools don’t start for two more weeks (yay!), my girls are super-excited to see their school friends and get back into a routine.

But first thing’s first. And because they are my girls, they wanted to do a test-drive of their “First Day of School Outfit”. Who am I to say no?!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Chaps on Back-to-School kids fashion. My girls checked out the Chaps Kids Collection and these are their back-to-school picks — classic styles with fun touches. Oh, and did I mention that they are all under $30?!


Of course, S, our kindergartener, picked a pink girly dress, and O our 4th grader chose dark wash jeans with a striped nautical-inspired knit top.


As a busy parent, we appreciate that that the Chaps Tiered Striped Dress is 100% cotton – you know that paint and marker stains can be machine-washed away!



O, our too-cool-for-school gal, loves the ease of Chaps’ Linden Flare jeans and a cool Striped Star Tee with a bit of sparkle.



And what’s a back-to-school outfit without Friendship Bracelets made with lots of love at summer camp and on our family vacation?

Gotta hold on to summer somehow….