Getting Crafty with Empty Boxes

Our 8-year old daughter, O, is a smart (and crafty) cookie. She knew that today, Sunday, was going to be a busy day because she would be exhausted from a Saturday night sleepover and from running around with friends at a Sunday brunch playdate.

In preparation for a hectic day, she declared that Saturday was going to be her “home day”. When she is feeling like having a “home-day” this is when her craftiness is at her best. Aside from playing Uno (she always wins), she wanted to make a dollhouse. She started with an empty Kleenex box which she decided was not big enough and found, in the recycling bin, an empty  Quaker Oats Oatmeal box and GoGo Squeez box.

After a few hours and many breaks, below are the fruits of our labor. It just goes to show that you don’t need flashy, expensive toys to keep a kid busy and entertained. Sometimes scissors, Scotch tape, paper, markers, a couple of home catalogs and a huge imagination is all that you really need.

A birds-eye-view of the three-room dollhouse. We’ll be adding on soon.   

For decorating purposes, we used The Land of Nod and CB2  catalogs (also destined for the recyling bin). Cutouts of a window and ceiling lamp from CB2. 

We used a mix of The Land of Nod and CB2 catalogs for the bedroom below.