Goodbye iPad! I Am Loving My New Hewlett-Packard Mini HP

Last week, I got home  and set up my new Hewlett-Packard Mini HP that I got from our local Verizon store.  Long story short: I am loving it this cute little computer!!  Why?  Here’s just a few reasons:

  • It can go wherever I want it to go! The way our desk top is set up in our apartment, I have my back to everyone.  With the Mini HP, I can be sitting on the couch and be somewhat “involved”  while still being “on” – as much as you can be while still being on a computer of sorts;
  • I can actually type on it for this blog, be on Facebook, and Tweet all at once;
  • I can carry it in any bag I have (except for my night-time clutches of course) without breaking my back;
  • I can get on anywhere with wireless or 3G;
  • It’s $848 cheaper than the iPad. Oh yeah.  That’s a biggie.

So Long iPad, Hello HP Mini 110!

The Hubby got me an iPad for Christmas last year and I loved it when I first got it. For about 14 days.  It was perfect for our holiday trip out to Arizona, especially the plane ride in which the girls could watch five episodes of Little Bear and play on Cooking Mama.  The Hubby, my father-in-law and I got addicted to Cooking Mama, too. But that was when the fun stopped.  Here’s why I didn’t really care for the iPad:

  • I couldn’t really type on the iPad;
  • If I couldn’t type, it didn’t seem like I could work on Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint or Microsoft Word documents for work or grad school;
  • I became more of an observer of the web instead of becoming a part of it.  All the iPad was good for was searching and ultimately buying stuff.
  • In order for the iPad to work for my needs, I would have had to buy all these accessories at Brookstone to make it a computer;
  • In the end, the iPad became a $900 toy for my two girls.

As much as I love our daughters I wasn’t about to  give my $900 Christmas present to them.  So, two weeks after Christmas, I returned my iPad (I know, Egads!  I may be the only person in the world to have done this!) to the SoHo Apple store, dreaming of a cute, little mini-computer that can let me do everything that I want.

Since last summer, The Hubby kept on telling me that I should get a netbook, but it just didn’t seem “sexy” to me.  No one I knew a the time  had a netbook; or if they did, they weren’t talking about it.  It just didn’t seem cool.  Well, this visit to the Verizon store really put the nail in the iPad’s coffin.  For $52 (I got a hundred dollar rebate) and $39 a month for 3G, I got a mini-computer that can do all the things that I need it to do – all for $848 less than the iPad! The Hubby can’t stop saying, “I told you so…”, but I don’t care. I love my Mini HP.  Anyway, I am counting the days ’till I get my iPhone 4 from Verizon – 48 days to be exact!