How to Glam it Up when the Temperature Goes Down

Getting Glam when it is cold out can be very tricky especially living in New York City. In this freezing weather, you have to take into account if you’ll be walking, taking the subway, and/or a cab — or all of the above.

Last Friday, we went to a classical music concert at Princeton University’s Richardson Hall. Luckily, we rented a car to get there, but we still had to park the car, walk to the restaurant and then to the concert hall. And last Friday, was FRIGID, and I was sh-sh-shivering. So, what to wear?  You know I’m on a budget, so I shopped in my closet and found a Fabulous-When-it’s-Freezing Glam Oufit. I’m sure you have similar pieces in your closet that you can substitute.

I knew I wanted to wear a dress, so I chose my wool blend Athé Vanessa Bruno strapless dress, which I bought in Paris a couple of years ago on one of my business trips.

I topped it off with my Bird Jacket, which has a sharp shoulder pads and 3/4 sleeves which I roll up. Love the severe look of the jacket coupled with the flowiness of the dress.

Since it is winter, I wear the darkest black opaque tights I can find. My favorites are Kushyfoot tights and I buy them at Duane Reade.

I paired them with my Banana Republic velvet strappy sandals with a peep-toe.

One of my favorite purchases ever is this vintage clutch I found in a store in Tucson, Arizona. I buy all of my vintage purses in that city!

I accessorize with a hit of gold:  my evil eye bracelet from Scoop (I never take it off), leather and brass square bracelet (brand now defunct), and my grandfather’s old Timex (it’s a wind-up and I love this piece.)

How do you glam it up when the weather goes down?

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