How to Keep Your Kids Busy and Sane during Hurricane Sandy

Like many East Coast families, we are stuck inside with the kids and we are trying to keep everyone busy and sane while we wait for Hurricane Sandy to hit New York City. I’ve taken a cue from teachers and have instituted a schedule for today and possibly tomorrow as we wait out #Sandy. Below is our family schedule. It’s a way on how to keep your kids busy — especially when you are stuck indoors.

I know, you think we are nuts, but our girls actually love when we schedule the day out (especially when we know we are stuck indoors for a length of time). They like moving the “We are Here” post-it to the next activity and I like that I don’t have to think about the next eight or nine hours. And, when I set up a schedule like this, I never hear them whine, “We’re bored, there’s nothing to do!”

This schedule also comes in handy during snow days or when school is closed like Veteran’s Day and Election Day.  I just make one of these schedules, and everyone is happy and on schedule.

How do you keep your kids busy?