How to Wear a Bike Helmet Correctly

We live in New York City, so our main mode of transportation is the New York City subway. Other times, we love to use our bikes and scooters when we go to the playground, school or our favorite restaurant. It is a major rule in our family that no matter what kind of wheels we are on, we must use our bike helmets. No exceptions.


Wearing our bike helmets…but after learning how to wear a bike helmet correctly, these pictures clearly show that our helmets are not fitted properly.

Michael’s wearing his helmet correctly, but S is not. Don’t worry, we now wear our helmets properly!

O and I went to an event sponsored by Helmets on Heads, Schwinn and Think First in celebration of Bicycle Safety Month. There, we both learned how to wear our bike helmet correctly and she was able to try out the latest Schwinn bicycles!

What did we learn when O was getting her helmet fitted? That no one in our family is were wearing our bike helmets properly — at all! No one!

In honor of Bicycle Safety Month, here are SIX STEPS ON HOW TO WEAR YOUR BIKE HELMET CORRECTLY:

STEP 1:  SIZE. Measure your head to start with the manufacturer’s suggested sizing. Try the helmet on and select a helmet that fits snugly. When the helmet is flat on your head, it should not rock from side to side. Adjustment may be made with provided pads, or on certain helmets, with a universal fit ring.

STEP 2: POSITION. Place the helmet level on your head. The front of the helmet should be one to two finger widths above your eyebrows to protect the forehead.

STEP 3: SIDE STRAPS. Adjust the slide on both side straps to form a “V” directly under and slightly in front of the ears. Lock the slide if possible.

STEP 4: BUCKLE. Center the left buckle part under the chin. Make sure the helmet is level. Adjust the rear or front straps to assure the helmet is not tilting forward or back.

STEP 5: CHIN STRAP. Buckle the chin strap securely so that no more than one or two fingers (horizontally) fit between the strap and your chin. Secure all straps in the rubber ring, close to the buckle, to prevent the buckle from slipping.

STEP 6: CHECK THE FIT. Open your mouth wide — the helmet should pull down on your head. If it does not, tighten the chin strap (Step 5).


Miss O, wearing a properly fitted Schwinn Bike Helmet

Remember:  Your helmet can only protect you if you wear it — and wear it right!

For more information, visit, Schwinn and Think First.