I Forgot to Kiss My Husband

The Hubby noticed how stressed I was over work so he suggested that I got in to work early this past Wednesday morning and that he would take care of The Girls. Awesome Hubby, right?

7:30am comes, I’m ready to leave, I give huge kisses to The Girls – big enough to make them cry (I tend to go overboard) – and I walk right out the door.  I am sitting in the subway, reading Eat Pray Love and Liz is describing the dissolving of  her marriage and lying on the bathroom floor sobbing…and it hit me: I forgot to kiss my husband on the way out this morning.  UGH.  I felt horrible, couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Did he notice?  Am I neglecting my husband like Liz did? OH GOD. So, I called him as soon as I got out of the subway.  He did notice.  I get a big “F”.

At least I kissed The Girls, though. I do get an “A” for that, right?!?