Ice Skating in Battery Park City!

Our six year old and I just went today to the ice skating rink in Battery Park City and we had a blast!  What a great way to actually enjoy today’s cold weather.

For $12 each, we were able to skate for an unlimited amount of time and rent pretty new skates and for an additional well-spent $3, we were able to rent a helmet.  The facilities weren’t grand but were exceptional.  There are a bunch of benches to sit on while putting on your skates and a snack bar where you can warm up with a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows, coffee, tea, baked goods and hot dogs (all $2.50) or a cup of hot soup ($6.50).  Just some pointers:  make sure to not bring a purse because there aren’t any lockers where you can stow your personal belongings.  You just put your shoes and any bags on some shelves.  Also, there are bathroom facilities but they are port-o-potties – so just a warning.  Group lessons, semi-private and private lessons are also available for additional fees, but they do seem reasonable and they seem to have instructors at the ready.

All in all, O and I had a great time:  in today’s below freezing temperatures, we skated for over 3 1/2 hours!  She was such a trooper and had such a great time that she wants to go back tomorrow!