Images from The South Street Seaport after Hurricane Sandy

Living in Lower Manhattan means that we’ve been without electricity since 7pm Monday night, since Hurricane Sandy has hit NYC.

We ventured out to The South Street Seaport the morning of Tuesday, October 30th for a much-needed outdoor walk. We’ve been hearing about the devastation in The Seaport on our crank LL Bean Radio (which everyone should go out and buy) but since we had no electricity, our television doesn’t work and we didn’t know how bad it really was.

Well, there was nothing that could prepare us for what we saw: true devastation. Our hearts hurt seeing the loss that the businesses and homes endured which were only a few blocks from our home. With less than 20% battery left on my iPhone, I took the following pictures.

Duane Reade on Water and Fulton. Product scattered everywhere.

Abercrombie & Fitch mannequins on Water Street.


You can see how high the water line based on how wet the brown leather jacket is at the Super Dry store.



The Aerosoles store on Front Street. Debris littered the window. You can see how high the water went based on the water line mark on the wall by the picture frame.


This is one of the many Aerosoles shoes that littered the street.


View looking East on Front Street and Beekman Street.


Looking north on Front Street and Peck Slip. Nelson Blue is on the corner with the blue tarp.


Nelson Blue menu on the street.


Down lamp post on Beekman Street.

Fallen tree on Water Street and Fulton Street.

Though tattered and worn, our American Flag is still flying high on top of Bridgewaters.

I know that we New Yorkers will pull through this. It may take a while, but I know that we will rally and get back on our feet stronger than before.