Kleenex Brand Gets the Back-to-School Season Healthy with Sneeze Shield

My daughters school don’t start until September 9th, so as I write this, we are still on the last few days of our summer vacation: enjoying days at the beach, summer sunsets, and slurping down ice cream.  However, the thought of school is not far from my mind. At our school, parents donate classroom supplies: from crayons, tape, disinfecting wipes to tissues, we help defray school and teacher’s costs by donating these items.

This school year, I am happy to partner with the Kleenex brand to let you know how they are keeping kids’ hands clean (and kids healthy!) — and how they support schools. In exchange, they’ve donated 10 boxes of Kleenex Everyday Tissue with Sneeze Shield to our school.

New Kleenex Everyday tissue is now thicker and more absorbent which means that little hands have better hand protection (vs. leading competitor) to help keep the wet icky stuff (and germs!) off kids’ hands. What’s also great is that they come in a bunch of on-the-go package sizes, perfect for tossing in your kids’ backpacks!

The Go Pack. This is the original package, which makes it easy to bring Kleenex anywhere!

The Slim Pack. It is thin and sleek, so you can always keep a tissue on hand. It’s got an on-trend design that makes it the perfect accessory for for your kids to put them into backpacks, bags and pockets.

The Car Wedge. We don’t have a car here in NYC, but for those of you who do or who live in the ‘burbs, this is perfect:  it fits perfectly in your car door or glove compartment.

Visit www.Kleenex.com to learn more about its back-to-school initiatives and for helpful tools to teach your kids how to Sneeze Shield wherever they go.

Also, Kleenex brand is the only facial tissue that participates in Box Tops for Education, donating a total of $13MM to date. Parents can support their schools as well by purchasing Kleenex Tissue with Box Tops for the kid’s classroom.