Kleenex Hand Towels Offers a Cleaner Way to Dry Hands {+ Video!}

It’s summer which means you’re hosting a bunch of summer parties and you’re going to even more. So….what happens when you go to the bathroom? Well, I don’t want to know THAT part;  I’m more interested in what happens after you wash your hands.

We went to a summer party yesterday and the worst part, for me, was when I went to the bathroom, washed my hands then wiped my clean hands on a DAMP CLOTH TOWEL. Which totally skeeves me out. Remember: your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them.

We were given some Kleenex Hand Towels to test out this summer which came in handy last week when we had a get together to celebrate our caregiver’s last day with us after 10 (ten!) years! We had a bunch of people and it was nice to offer our guests a way to clean and dry their hands.

I also gave a few packets to my sister-in-law who is a massage therapist and she put the Kleenex Hand Towels in her studio’s bathroom. She told me that her clients had never seen Kleenex Hand Towels before and really liked them. Who wouldn’t?

Kleenex Hand Towels are free of inks, dyes and fragrances and highly absorbent — it can dry hands and do quick clean-ups around the bathroom sink. The towels come in a cool box that lets it hang over a towel bar or sit on a bathroom counter.

Check out this video about Kleenex Hand Towel’s Central Park hand-washing station:

Kleenex Hand Towels can be found int he paper towel aisle in your local grocery store. One box has 60 towels and retails for $2.99 per box. Visit  Kleenex.com for more information.