Learn with Homer Educational Reading App Launches!

I knew Learn with Homer worked when my 5-year-old saw a picture of a lioness on the side of a bus and said, “That kind of lion hunts for food and is a carnivore!” I asked her where she had learned that and she exclaimed, “Homer!” with a look of pride on her face.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Learn with Homer for the past several months helping them with social media and product testing, so my girls have had the experience of seeing Learn with Homer grow into what it is today, it’s first day of launch!

The main navigation page on Learn with Homer,

Learn with Homer is a groundbreaking comprehensive reading app for the iPad (generation 2 and higher), for kids 3 to 6 years old. The reason it is so unique is because it combines learning to read with learning to understand the world. So my 5-year-old learned about lions and carnivores in the “Discover the World” section; she then read the fable “The Lion and the Mouse” in the “Story Time” section; and then drew her own lion in “Homer’s Clubhouse”.  For kids who don’t know how to read just yet, they can explore the “Learn to Read” section where they learn how letters and sounds go together to form words in fun interactive games.

My 5-year-old really enjoys the beautiful images in the science lessons in “Discover the World”, and my older daughter enjoys reading the stories and looking at the beautiful and original artwork in the “Story Time” section.


Original Illustration from “The Little Plant”.

The Founder and CEO, Stephanie Dua, came up with idea of Learn with Homer when her daughter wanted to learn how to read. “I couldn’t find any suitable materials for parents. That’s when Learn with Homer was born. It brings the best early learning techniques together in just one app,” she said.

“The single biggest predictor of children’s academic success is their reading level at third grade,” said Dua. “We want to help kids and parents in the early years, when it matters most. So every element of Learn with Homer serves a learning purpose. But the app is also wildly fun. Our parent testers were blown away by how much their children enjoyed using Learn with Homer – and even more by how much their children learned.”


Original illustration on Learn with Homer for “Star Light, Star Bright”.

For more information about Learn with Homer and its connected learning experience, explore this video:

There are also Parent tools to track their child’s learning, as well as fun downloadables, are available on the Learn with Homer parent website: www.learnwithhomer.com/parents

Download Learn with Homer for free or visit Learn with Homer website for more information