Mani/Pedi Review: Spring Nail Place on Fulton Street

The last time I wrote it was still cold and I was touting SpaWeek in the middle of February.  Well, six months later, it’s August and I’ve decided that I am going to write some short reviews on the three nail places that I go to.  Today’s review is the $20 mani/pedi special at the Spring Nail Salon on Fulton Street.  I went this past Sunday around 4:00.  The place was busy, but they were able to see me right away.  I decide to go with my new color of the summer: OPI’s Suzi Skiis in the Pyrenees.  Love the name, love the color.  It’s a great dark bluish/black color and It’s going to be a good color test for all three of the mani/pedi salons I am going to review.

So, they take me right away, and I am placed in a chair where the back-massager doesn’t work.  The chair slightly vibrates, but I really like it when I actually get a massage.  Xin, who is doing my mani/pedi is pretty diligent and I had asked her for a 10 minute massage (for $10) and it wasn’t so bad.  The ladies are never really “trained” to massage anyone, but the massage does its  job, and I do almost fall asleep on the chair.  The pedi job is ok.  You get what you pay for.  The application was a little thick, and some bubbles did form as the polish dried.  The manicure was fine. I don’t get any color on my nails so she just cut them, trimmed my cuticles and put some clear polish.  All in all, for $31 + tip, you get what you pay for.  Check out the pic, you can’t see the bubbles but they are there.

Suzi Skiis in the Pyrenees Pedicure from Spring Nail Salon on Fulton Street

Next up:  Yuya Salon or Salon 25!