MiniMunchers to the Rescue for our Friday Family Night Dinners!

I had stated earlier this week that the TTM family has weekly Friday Family Night dinners out.  It’s a great way to unwind after a crazy work week for both me and The Hubby, and it’s a fun “night out” for the girls who enjoy eating at restaurants.

Mini Munchers. The Ultimate Resource for Children’s Menus in NYC. Logo courtesy of

We have our “usuals” that we go to: Cowgirl Seahorse , Harry’s Italian and our newest addition, Barbarini Alimantari.  However, having only three restaurants rotating in and out every week can get tiring!  So we are extremely grateful for the launch of MiniMunchers, a great new comprehensive website that contains NYC restaurant’s children’s menus.  You can sort by price, cuisine, neighborhood and tourist destination (you know, for your out-of-town guests).

Thank you MiniMunchers! Our Friday Family Night dinners will be revived!  I mean, our kids will still be eating pasta with butter no matter where we go, but at least for us, it’ll be a change of scenery!



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