More Tips on Ice Skating in Battery Park City at Battery Park City Ice

We  loved ice skating in Battery Park City so much that we went back again this past Sunday.  Now that we sort of know what we are doing, we thought we’d pass on some tips:

Birdseye view of the Battery Park City Ice skating rink on the West Side Highway between Chambers and Murray Street. Photo courtesy of

  • Easiest Way to Get There: Go to Chambers Street or Murray Street, walk west and cross the West Side Highway.  If you enter on Murray make a right towards the big white tent; if you enter via Chambers street, make a left towards the big white tent.  Entrance is right in the middle of the ball field on the West Side Highway.
  • Cost: $10 for admission and $3.00 for skate rental. There is an additional $3.00 fee for a helmet rental which is highly recommended for the kids.  They have a great Ten-Pack deal: for $90 you get ten entrances and skate rentals for $10 each, which basically means you get the skate rental for free!  Believe me, if you love it as much as we do, you’re going to use up the ten-pack very quickly.
  • Private and Semi-Private Skate Lessons: I haven’t had to book a skating lesson in advance; there are usually instructors at the ready.  One important note that they don’t tell you in advance is that it is cash only on the skate lessons.  You pay the instructor directly.  $45 for a 30 minute private lesson and $65 for two or more in the lesson.  Olivia had a lesson last week and this week.  Since she is a first time skater, I thought she needed a jump start.  Her instructor last week was Eddie who was great, and Joe this past weekend, who I thought was even better.  Joe definitely had more of a “curriculum” for the 30 minutes, but both seemed great with kids, which is the most important thing to note.
  • Skate Lessons: They have skate lessons with approximately 2 instructors with 10 kids.  They have different times for different ages, but it’s a great deal:  $99.00 for 4 lessons.
  • Skate Rentals: We rented skates every time we go there and we  have never had any problems.  Since this is a new rink, the skates are new!
  • No Lockers: There aren’t any lockers to hold your valuables or bags, so just carry lightly.  However, I’ve brought back-packs both times and never had any issues with anyone touching or taking our personal belongings.  I think it helps that Battery Park City Ice is more of a neighborhood skating rink – we see at least 2-4 of Olivia’s classmates whenever we are there!

Inside the tent at Battery Park City Ice. Benches available to help put on your skates or have a bite to eat. Shelves (not shown) are available to put your shoes and belongings on. Photo courtesy of

  • Food: There is a mini concession stand where most food is under $6.50.  They have hot soup, hot cocoa, hot mulled apple cider, water, juice, donuts, bagels with cream cheese and hot dogs.  You can either eat inside on one of the benches, or outside on one of the many picnic tables while you watch the zamboni clean up the ice.
  • Bathrooms: There are port-o-potties available.  We haven’t used them, so I can’t really comment, but I am sure they are fine.

We love that this has created even more of a community, if that’s even possible, down here in Tribeca, Battery Park and the Financial District.  It’s an easy and fun way to have a playdate and a way to get out and enjoy this frigid weather!  Go to their website which is chock full of information and print out a coupon for free skate rentals for up to 4 people .  My only complaint is that I heard today that the rink is only open until the end of February because they have to start putting down sod for the baseball field!  Say it isn’t so!!  I’ll have to triple confirm when I get out there this weekend!