My Eco Reusable Bags Perfect for Earth Day and Every Day

It’s Earth Day and it’s a reminder of the many things that we could do to help maintain our mother earth for our children and our children’s children. A simple way to help is by using those reusable plastic bags that you know you have in your closet. If you know that you are going to the grocery store or to the farmer’s market, just pop one into your purse or your car.

I learned about My Eco reusable bags through a friend. It was started by Kristen Brown whose father, Gordon Dancy, patented one of the first versions of the plastic grocery bag. His invention helped coin the iconic question, “Paper or plastic?”. Kristen is taking her father’s invention into an earth-friendly direction. Her mission is simple: Decrease the use of disposable bags.

We now know that paper and plastic disposable bags harm the environment know that both paper and plastic disposable bags harm the environment through their manufacturing and that they litter our environment. Did you know that the average household uses 1,000 disposable bags per year?

Kristen invented the MY ECO Reusable Bag System as a fun, practical solution. I tested out the 2-in-1 bag set with two oversized functional bags with wide and comfortable handles. They come in four fashionable styles (I loved the graphic black & white leaf). I love that it is able to fold neatly into its very own contained clutch which makes it easy to pop into your purse and its easy to clean. The best part? It’s made of recycled yogurt containers! 

It’s perfect for my big-haul trips to Whole Foods because it carries a ton of groceries. The second bag (below) is a soft, unstructured bag that can easily fold into a smaller purse and can be used for on-the-go daily activities.

When we were in Aspen Snowmass for some spring skiing, we enjoyed a day at the Aspen Recreation Center and this Aspen Bag Bank container caught my eye.  Basically a handful of businesses in Aspen had these tall metal “bag banks”. In a nutshell, if you need a bag, take a bag. Use a bag, leave a bag. 

I thought that this bag bank is a fabulous idea and something that I would love to start a movement here in New York City! Who is with me???

For more information, visit My Eco’s website.