My Favorite Mother’s Day Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry is always fun to get, especially on Mother’s Day. To me, its never the most dazzling or expensive piece of jewelry that I end up loving. The pieces that I end up wearing every day are the ones that mean the most to me. Below are my top three favorite jewelry brands and pieces that I love.

My favorite piece of jewelry is the Statement Necklace from a brand called Nashelle, which I received a few years ago for Mother’s Day. I love love love this piece it’s so personal and looks so different from anything else that I’ve seen other people wear. You can personalize the necklace any way that you want: from a name, a word, a date, initials. I had put the letters “M P O S” for all of our first initials. Every time I wear it I always get a compliment. It’s so understated, classy and something that you can wear every day — and at $91 a major steal. The other thing that I also love about Nashelle is that they use recycled 14k gold fill and sterling silver materials, as well as natural gemstones and all their jewelry is handmade in Bend, Oregon.

My second favorite brand is Gauge by Paul Smotrys. Paul is a downtown NYC Daddy and amazing metal artist. My favorite pieces are his initial letters which are simple, airy letters that seem to just float on your chest. You can buy one, at $80, or stack a few (like your kids initials) on top of one another to create a pretty and graphic necklace statement.

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry is another phenomenal jewelry brand – also from a downtown NYC mommy. Her jewelry is super-cool, edgy and one-of-a-kind. Her pieces aren’t as wallet-friendly, but they are worth it. Prices can range from several hundred dollars into the thousands for pieces with diamonds. I was able to score a Jennifer Fisher head-dress bangle (shown below) from O’s school auction, so I was able to get the bracelet at a great price, while donating to a great institution. The head-dress bangle is awesome because it’s a 3-D bracelet and stands out and is always a conversation piece. Other favorites are Jennifer Fisher’s pendant necklaces that you can have personalized – but you’ll see on her site that she does rings, bracelets and kid’s jewelry as well. You’ll love them all.

So, Moms:  forward this post on to your significant other to give them a not-so-subtle-hint on what to give you for Mother’s Day!


Triple Threat Mommy