My New Life as a Working Mom, Wife and Student

Since I started this new journey of going back to school, my days and weeks have been so different and fractured, but I try to keep somewhat of a schedule for my sanity and my family’s.

I start out my week still working as Chief Kidfresh Mom, doing their marketing at Kidfresh HQ here in New York City, still wanting to keep the social media/marketing so-called pilot light on while I work on the next twenty years of my career. Understanding how marketing, social media and web marketing is important — no matter what industry, I know that my twenty years in business and my master’s degree in integrated marketing will help me in the next phase of my life: whether I work for a hospital, outpatient clinic or open my own clinic. 

The rest of the week is focused on studying, homework (which literally could take me the whole week to do twenty to thirty questions – those science questions are LONG and require me to access that part of my brain that hasn’t worked since 10th grade which was a long, long time ago), going to school, and volunteering at the hospital in the PT and OT Rehab Unit. It’s part of the application process because schools want you to really understand what you’re getting yourself into before you commit years of your life to school, studying and lots of debt.

Pros of my new schedule and life? My girls see me working hard, and studying hard. I am constantly reading, doing homework and studying for exams and quizzes. It’s actually easier to get them to do their homework when I’m doing my homework. We end up taking over the dining table with all of our notebooks, pens and textbooks. They also see that if you want something, you do something about it and you get it. No matter how old you are, you can make positive changes in your life. More on being in permanent beta in a later post.

Cons of my new schedule and life? Having to study (again) and dust off the scientific part of my brain that hasn’t been used in three decades. In the perfect world, I also thought that I’d be able to exercise more during my studying days but that hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Thank goodness for access to my barre3 online workouts, so I can at least do a 10 minute core blast, a 1-minute plank, or even 10-minutes of meditation. I need to figure out how exercise can better fit in my schedule because mind and body works together and I need both to be at 100% these days.

Twenty to 25 years is a long time and I want to spend it doing something that I know I will love to do and that will truly make a difference. Investing the next five years on a career that will make me fill fulfilled and happy is a drop in the bucket for not just my happiness, but these sweet people as well.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are mine.