NYC’s Times Square Gets Cleaned Up by Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

Although we spent New Year’s Eve at a Home Exchange in Utah skiing with my family (a Salt Lake City family exchanged with us), images of New York City (our home town), Times Square, the ball dropping were not far from our minds. Up to this point, we never really think about how Times Square gets cleaned up after a HUGE party like New Year’s Eve in Times Square. All we know is that on January 2nd, when everyone heads back to work and walks through Times Square, not a trace of confetti can be found.

Normally, the NYC Department of Sanitation and the Times Square Alliance uses 22 trucks, 24 mechanical sweepers and 37 backpack blowers to clean 40 to 50 TONS of confetti, party hats and other party favors after the massive party. This year, a 25-person “Mr. Clean Team” led by “The Accidental Housewife” Julie Edelman helped in cleaning up Duffy Square’s famous Red Steps (the one on top of the TKTS Booth on Broadway and 47th Street) with Mr. Clean®Liquid Muscle™, a new multi-purpose concentrated cleaning gel that has 2.5x more power. “If Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle can help clean Times Square on New Year’s Day, imagine what it can do in your home”, said Julie.

After a home exchange, we usually do a massive clean up in our apartment as well. Not that our home exchangers had a New Year’s Eve party as big as the one in Times Square (they really didn’t), but it’s a good excuse to clean up our apartment, especially to ring in the new year. And, I think Mr. Clean® Liquid Muscle™ could definitely help. I especially appreciate that it can be used for many surfaces like countertops, tables, sinks, stoves and floors (and you don’t have to rinse after you clean the floors)! It also has a cool auto-stop cap so you use the right amount of product every time (nothing wasted)!

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is available nationwide starting January 2014. Visit the Mr. Clean website or Mr. Clean’s Facebook page for more information.