Pocket Frenz: School Clothes that Help with Separation Anxiety + GIVEAWAY

I know that summer just started, but for some parts of the United States, school starts in August. Some kids suffer through immense separation anxiety and have a hard time going to school and leaving the comforts of their home.

Marnie and Jason Hefter, parents of children who have severe separation anxiety, wanted to be able to send their son to school with his “friends” (tactile wash cloths), but they always got lost or got in the way of school activities. Wishing that there was a way to have clothes with the comforts of home built in, they created Pocket Frenz™ .

Pocket Frenz™ are stylish school clothes that serve a purpose. Within both pockets of every Pocket Frenz™, are multi-tactile characters that can be enjoyed solo or to be shared with friends. Marnie and Jason believe that no child should ever feel alone or be without a friend.

Your child can touch the characters inside the pockets to help soothe them, or take the characters out and use them as puppets (which stay on the hoodie with velcro). The puppets can help serve as ice-breakers by helping your child talk to their classmates through the puppet.

There are four Pocket Frenz™ styles for you to choose from:  Petal Twinz Hoodie, the Surf Shark Hoodie (both shown above), Alien Invasion Hoodie, and King Kobra Hoodie.


Would you like to win a Pocket Frenz™ for your child?  One lucky Triple Threat Mommy reader will have a chance to win one Pocket Frenz™ hoodie. Enter below in the Rafflecopter:

Pocket Frenz™ hoodies are available in sizes 2T – 7/8, retails for $68 and is available online on the Pocket Frenz website. They are  also 100% Made in the U.S.A.