Polkadot What Leggings for Girls {+10% and 15% OFF Codes!}

Our younger daughter, S, is the ultimate fashionista who marches to her very own stylish drummer. She doesn’t care what people think — she wears what she wants to wear. And that’s why we love her so much.

And that is why she loves Polkadot What leggings. Ever since she got her very own pair, she has worn them non-stop with (almost) every outfit. In fact, today she wore her leggings AND wore them to bed; I couldn’t get them off of her! Why does she loves them so much? Because she actually got to “design” her own pair!

What you do is go to the Polkadot website and pick which length legging you want (long stripes or short shape capris); then you pick your child’s size; and then you get to CREATE:  you pick the pattern for the left leg, then the right leg. It’s totally mix and match and so much fun.

And because S got to “design” her own pair, her Polkadot What leggings are her favorite. I had to stop her from wearing them for a bit because we have had such a cold spell in NYC that I couldn’t let her wear her capri leggings. Hopefully spring will come soon and she’ll be able to wear them anytime!

Would your little lady enjoy Polkadot What’s Leggings? Here are codes for 10% OFF and 15% OFF!

STRIPES: *$28.00 (from $32.00)
CAPRIS: *$25.00 (from $30.00)
– Codes are valid until May 5, 2013
– FREE U.S. shipping for 2 pairs or more + FREE Polkadot What mini bag 

Polkadot What’s clothes build creativity and confidence, and encourages young girls to express their individual personalities through fashion. The goal is to make clothing that is fun, stylish, comfortable, bold and empowering through interactive design. Click here for more information: Polkadot What.