Product Review: Fit Flop Sandals

Like many New York City families, we have a rule that we take off our shoes before we enter our apartment.  There are many reasons why some people to do this: whether its cultural, cleanliness or clamoring to shed the outside world once you get home.  Our reason is simple:  our little girls play on our floor, they draw on our floor (well not directly on it), they put puzzles together on the floor, they tumble on the floor and when they are really really tired, they just lie on the floor.

For many years, I went barefoot once I got into our apartment. And then my back started to hurt. I’ve had a herniated disk for many years so walking barefoot isn’t the greatest thing for my back. Then came the Fit Flop. It’s supposed to tone your legs and butt while walking in them, so I thought, if its supposed to be good for you, the Fit Flop should perhaps make walking barefoot in the apartment manageable for my back.

What a relief! Having Fit Flops at home is amazing. My herniated disk has been acting up recently and as soon as I put on my Fit Flops, the back pain subsides just a little. It really does help. They also make standing around cooking and cleaning (you know all those things that we do!)  a little bit easier on my back, especially if you don’t have one of those GelPro floor mats (which I HAVE to buy!)

Fit Flops Walkstar in Fuschia. Mine are all white. Photo courtesy of

I bought my Fit Flops for under $30 at Century 21 in the Financial District. Since it’s about to be warm soon – cross your fingers – I am sure that they’ll have a bunch of inventory coming in again. If I happen to see a bunch at C21, I’ll definitely let you know via Twitter!

Bottom line is that Fit Flops have become my official house shoes, which help keep my floors clean for our girls, but they’ve also been a lifesaver for my back!