Product Review: Kushyfoot Socks at Duane Reade

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My newest obsession isn’t sexy or fashionable, but it’s comfortable and you can find it basically on every corner.  It’s the Kushyfoot sock and you can find the Kushyfoot collection at every Duane Read – and if you live in the NYC’s Financial District, there’s eight Duane Reade’s south of Fulton and east of Broadway.

I bought my first pair of Kushyfoot socks and tights about a month ago. I wanted to wear a dress the next week at work, but did not have a new pair of opaque black tights. With no time to go “real” shopping, and having 20 minutes left until I had to pick up one of my daughters from her ballet class, I hopped into the nearest Duane Reade.  To my surprise, they had a vast selection of tights and socks by a brand I knew nothing about: Kushyfoot. The packaging had a tagline that said “Massages your feet with every step”.  Being a somewhat-stressed-out-Mom, I thought, “Hey, why not get a massage from my socks every time I walked?!”  I picked up a 3-pack of the white athletic socks (under $10) and a pair of black tights ($8) and was amazed at the quality and the comfort that I went back to get another pair of black socks ($3) the following week (perfect to wear with fall boots). So how does it work? The Kushysocks have this raised pattern on each sole so when you walk, the pressure from your foot plus the pattern gives you a feeling like you are getting a constant foot massage!  Gotta love that!

Kushyfoot also has Yoga Socks that look interesting and I’ve heard good things about their Flats to Go shoes that come in its own little “purse”.  I don’t have a pair, but they seem to be perfect for those people (like me) who often wear comfy shoes for the morning commute, change into heels at work, then change back to comfy shoes for the subway ride home, but don’t necessarily want to lug two pairs of shoes every day.

So now, I’m going to actually replace all of my socks and buy some new tights for this holiday season — all at Duane Reade.  Note that they do have socks for the man in your life, but I didn’t see any socks for kids.  I know that with all the running, jumping, skipping and hopping that our girls do, I know they would appreciate a little foot massage as well!