Products to Use When Kids are Sick

Tis the season. As I’m writing this, both girls are sick at home with a bad cold and a very low-grade fever. When the girls are sick I have a ziplock bag of trust-worthy products that I always have on hand when kids are sick  — and what I put into my traveling first aid kit. This post contains affiliate links for easy shopping! 

I used to use the brand that was made of petroleum jelly, but once I read about what petroleum jelly is and how it is made, I decided to go all-natural. Especially when I use it near their face, when they are sick. I found Maty’s All Natural Vapor Rub when I was shopping in CVS and although it is a tad more expensive, I trust it because it is all-natural, made with essential oils (Eucalpytus, Wintergreen and Peppermint) and is petroleum-free.

: I always used the Braun forehead thermometer because my younger daughter won’t use an oral or ear thermometer. Braun has updated it’s thermometer to include a no-touch feature (you read correctly) so that you can accurately take a sleeping baby or kid’s temperature from 2 inches away (and you won’t wake them!). It also has large easy-to-read screens, temperatures are color-coded (red = fever!), and there’s a mute option for silent readings. The best thing to be invented since sliced bread!

Maty’s Breathe Better – Nasal Ointment: This is an ointment that you put into your nasal pages and it helps moisturize dry and irritated little noses. Basically, it’s like a nasal lotion. It’s also great to prevent colds because moist nasal passages = healthy nasal passages! It’s easy to put on: just put a little on a clean finger or on a q-tip. It also helps to put it around one’s nose especially when it’s red and raw from blowing so much.

The Below Two Products are what we Use to Prevent Colds and Sicknesses:

Boiron Coldcalm Cold Relief Tablets 60 Tablets Per Box (Pack of 2) Total 120 Tablets: I have been using Boiron products for over twenty years (!) now, and the Coldcalm tablets is a staple in our medicine cabinet. As soon as anyone in my family starts to feel a tickle in our throat, I start giving them Coldcalm. When taken right away, and in the right dosages, it literally keeps those colds at bay. Both of my girls take Coldcalm, and when they feel a cold coming, I put a sheet of tablets in their backpacks so they can take it in school.

AirVita Spray to Stay Healthy: I just started using this product this fall. It is made with natural ingredients, zinc-free and is non-drowsy. You spray it in your throat three times, then in each nostril. I’m not going to lie, it does sting a little bit when it’s in your nose, but the feeling lasts for a few seconds. Although it says it’s good to use on kids ages 4 and up, because of the stinging, I wouldn’t recommend it being used on kids (unless they are ok with it!). So far, I’ve used it every day for the past month, and with two sick girls this past week, I have been feeling well! I’ll definitely be using AirVita when we travel for the holidays.

p.s. Read about what else I pack in our traveling first aid kit. What do you use when kids are sick?