Redecorating Our Home Office with Jill Vegas and IdeaPaint CLEAR

We have this one room in our apartment, that our girls have dubbed “The Creepy Forest.”  It has become the catch-all, throw everything in room, and to the girls’ defense, it’s a little creepy. We have had every intention of making the room into a functioning homework / study room / playroom, but four years in our apartment and The Creepy Forest looks like this:

We’ve got random pictures, an electric piano, Olivia’s old bed frame (anyone want to buy it?!) a bunch of humidifiers, a stable of scooters (not shown)…

…a set of leaning book cases that holds a bunch of old kids books and random toys. I just don’t know what to do with this room!

Enter Jill Vegas, celebrity decorator and author of Speed Decorating. Jill and I  have known each other for a couple of years now because I  had used her services when she decorated the Monet Showroom when I was a Marketing Director at Liz Claiborne Inc. Well, as luck would have it, I met up with her at a Momtrends Living in Style event.

That’s me (R) trying to get all of Jill’s wisdom through osmosis at the Momtrends Living in Style Event. 

Jill talked to us about how to incorporate color in our homes. Because The Creepy Forest is actually in the back of our apartment, it has no windows so it desperately needs some color and personality. Her favorite colors to infuse into a home? Storm, which is a perfect shade of grey, yellow marigolds, and peony’s. Jill discussed low-risk ways to add color, like a vase of cut flowers, a bowl of lemons or painting the interior of a closet for a pop of surprise.

To help people like me, Jill started the online course called,  School of Speed Decorating which is a 4-week, $149 course that helps you assess your room, prioritize and to create an action plan.  Registration for Jill’s online course is open now, so sign up and  get your seat for this stylish course! It’s for the person who wants to revamp their home but has absolutely no clue where to start (um…that’s me!); for the person who wants to add color to their home (me!) or for the person who feels bored with their current decorating scheme (and, me).

Once The Creepy Forest is organized and painted, we are going to use this new cool product that just launched this past week called IdeaPaint CLEAR. It’s a transparent top coat that makes any smooth surface a dry erase board. How cool is that? It can be applied over any type and any color of interior paint! Below are some pictures of how IdeaPaint CLEAR may be used  – in a kitchen, in a kid’s bedroom, or in an office. They are definitely not pictures of our apartment. I wish.

Truly the BEST part of IdeaPaint CLEAR? It’s a certified low-emission, virtually odorless, LEED-compliant dry erase paint. Perfect for families.

I’ll be  writing up more posts on the transformation of our home office a.k.a The Creepy Forest, including how I incorporate more color in the room plus how we put on IdeaPaint CLEAR. It may take us a bit, but it will get done. Goal? End of summer. Let’s cross our fingers.


Pam, Triple Threat Mommy

For more details about IdeaPaint CLEAR, please visit the IdeaPaint website.

For more information about Jill Vegas, please visit the Jill Vegas website or the School of Speed Decorating.

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