Review: Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Vacuum with No Bags and No Filters

As a mom of two active girls and a pet-owner (I don’t lump my kids and my cats together, but in this case….), there is constant cleaning to do so I am a big — and I mean BIG — fan of Dyson’s amazing vacuuming power. NOW, they have a new vacuum with new technology called the Dyson Big Ball Cinetic vacuum. Now this will blow your mind: it doesn’t have any bags to take out or filters to clean. 

I had my sister-in-law, G, test it out since her apartment has a lot of rugs and just as many cats. So it was a perfect environment to test the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. Not to gross anyone out but this is what it picked up (you can’t stop looking, can you?!). AND G vacuums twice a week (!). Imagine what it could do in your home.

So, how does the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball work? And how can it not have a bag and filter?!

First of all, the Dyson Cinetic™ science is the result of nearly six years intensive R&D by a team of 29 Dyson engineers and an investment of nearly $12 million. 2,000 prototypes were developed throughout the process. They know what they are doing, folks. It uses tiny, oscillating “Cinetic” cyclone tips that are able to spin out the tiniest of dust particles without clogging, so there’s no need for a filter. What this means for you: you don’t have to clean out filters every month and it will work like new use-after-use!  (Normal vacuums have to have their filters maintained in order to keep the suction at 100%.)

Other Reasons Why the Dyson Big Ball Cinetic Rocks: 

  • Self-adjusting cleaner head. It adapts to every floor surface to remove dust from hardwood floors to rugs to carpets.
  • Ball Technology: Sitting on a ball, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum has a lower center of gravity making it easy to steer around furniture.


  • Close Edge pick-up: Slim frame on the soleplate allows for cleaning up to the baseboard.
  • Hygenic bin emptying: With the press of a button, dust and dirt can be emptied directly into the waste bin.
  • Instant release wand: No catches or parts to assemble, it reaches the tops of stairs (or if you don’t have stairs, it can go to tops of bookcases, window treatments etc.

  • The cord is long enough to do the whole apartment (1250 square feet) from the dining area to the main bedroom and living room in one fell swoop. G never had to stop, unplug, and replug.
  • The attachments are conveniently housed on the back of the vacuum, so no losing extra parts!
  • 5-year limited manufacturers warranty

Available: Beginning Jan. 15, 2015, while supplies last, through QVC at 800.345.1515, the QVC apps and Beginning Mar. 1, 2015, at and major retailers.