Review: Hilton Curacao Resort

During our family trip to Curacao we stayed at the Hilton Curaçao Resort which is centrally located in the middle of the island in between the west and east sides of Curaçao. Thank you to the Hilton Curaçao for our stay during our trip! The Hilton Curaçao Resort  is a large hotel with 197 rooms that have recently been renovated, which means new bathrooms and newer furnishings. The outside does look older than some hotels that we’ve stayed in, but the rooms, bathrooms and public places are super clean and that’s all that matters!!


Pros of Staying at the Hilton Curaçao Resort:

  • The beach has amazing snorkeling and diving. The beach is small, compared to what we envision as a “Caribbean beach” BUT what it lacks in width, it has in depth. There are a gazillion million trillion fish in the waters, and a ton of natural coral which helps keep the fish nearby. The water has basically no waves and no undertow which makes visibility super-clear and family-friendly. The beach does drop off very quick (as you can see in the picture below – where it gets dark, it literally drops off to…eternity).  Tip:  Rent snorkel gear at the resort’s own dive shop to take advantage of what you can see! Sign-up for lessons and dive trips for beginner’s to experienced. If your kids can swim and can breath through snorkels, it’s an AMAZING EXPERIENCE and I highly, highly recommend it.
  • Breakfast is included in the price of the room. The breakfast is extensive with many hot and cold options. There’s scrambled eggs, beans, bacon, sausage, pastries, muffins, fresh fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon, papaya – which I gorge on when I go to any island). Extremely good coffee and fresh juices like mango and orange are also available.
  • Terraces in each room. Each room has a pretty large terrace so you can enjoy views. Tip: Ask for an ocean view room because there’s nothing like waking up to this:


View of the beach area from our room. 

  • Restaurants are all family-friendly. The Hilton Curaçao Resort has four restaurants and one coffee shop, and they all have have a version of a kids menu. If they don’t, just ask what the kitchen can make. Tip: Like the rest of the Caribbean, service can be slow, but relax because you’re on vacation! Otherwise, go on the early side (like at 6pm) — especially if you have kids. Also, ask for the check when you order dessert.
  • There’s a Budget Car Rental office on-site. I highly recommend renting a car in Curaçao. You can rent a stick or automatic by the day or a series of days. The economics are right: taxi rides can be $20 – $60 one way depending on if you go to Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad or to a private beach. Daily car rental rates can be $60 – $90 depending on the size of car you ask get. Tip: Go early to the rental office — like as soon as it opens — so you don’t end up waiting in line, and without a car. Ask for car seats. They have them for a nominal fee.
  • On site gym. I have to be honest, I didn’t visit it once…because I’d rather be at the beach or at the pool.
  • Large and Uncrowded Pool:  The resort has two pools including a kid pool.  Tip: Get fresh beach towels at night from the gym, so you already have them in the morning. Plus you can use them on your private beach excursions.


Clockwise from top: main pool, kids pool (view from our room), main pool from the shallow side of the pool, our 7 year old having way too much fun splashing around.

Cons of Staying at the Hilton Curaçao Resort:

  • Although each room has a terrace, there aren’t any screened sliding doors, so you can’t take advantage of the ocean breeze when you are inside your room.
  • The bathroom doesn’t have a clothes line to hang up wet bathing suits so we had to hang our wet suits on our terrace’s chairs to dry. (I highly discourage hanging it over the side of the hotel’s terraces because the wind can easily blow away your clothes and towels).
  • Although there was a concierge desk in the lobby, there was never a concierge there. I did a lot of my research before our trip, as well as asking our bell-hop and taxi drivers, then doing a lot of Googling at night when the girls were asleep to settle up our plans for the next day.

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 I won a 5-night stay at the Hilton Curacao Resort when I attended the Women’s Travel Fest.